The fight for freedom is not free. Your membership will help support initiatives and programs to support our mission of racial equality.


Youth Membership

Become a youth member today by downloading and filling out the form  below and select one of our  6 youth membership options:

  1. Youth membership with Crisis Magazine subscription: $15.00

  2. Youth membership without Crisis Magazine subscription: $10.00

  3. Bronze life membership (ages 14-20): $400.00

  4. Bronze life membership—subscribing payment: 8 annual installments of $50.00

  5. Junior life membership (ages 0-13): $100.00

  6. Junior life membership—subscribing payment: 4 annual installments of $25.00

Adult Membership

  1. Adult Annual membership with Crisis Magazine: $30.00

  2. Adult Silver Lifetime membership: $750.00

  3. Adult Lifetime Subscribing membership: $75.00 (10 annual installments of $75.00

To download an application, press the button below.  Please print, complete, and mail your NAACP Membership Application and Dues to:  

NAACP LaPorte County Branch 3061

P.O. Box 741 

Michigan City, IN 46361

Attention: Membership Committee