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Legal Redress

At NAACP LaPorte County Branch we’re ready for something better. Based in Michigan City , IN, our transformative Civil Rights Movement mobilizes people from all over to take action and create a meaningful and lasting impact.

Our goal is to be an impactful Civil Rights organization led by members of the community. We are inspired by the belief that everyday people can shape and mold a society where everyone can achieve their true potential. The Legal Redress Team wants to:

  1. Investigate all reported incidents submitted to the Branch;

  2. Provide assistance to LaPorte County residents seeking relief for discriminatory acts by;

    1. Reviewing submitted Complaint form in a timely manner.

    2. Thoroughly discussing legitimate complaints with complainants in a timely manner.

    3.  Dilegently attempt to resolve legitimate cases with all involved parties.

  3. Supervise all litigation in which the Branch has involvement: and

  4. Keep the national office and the branch informed on the progress of every case in which the Branch is a litigant.  

  5. Refer complainants to legal representatives when necessary.

Have a Complaint??? 

If you believe that you have been the victim of a Civil or Human Rights issue and want to file a complaint with the NAACP LaPorte County Branch 3061 to have the organization investigate your complaint, you MUST submit a Formal Complaint Form. Download and complete our complaint form. Scan the completed copy and attach to an email to our branch or submit the completed copy to P.O. Box 755 Michigan City, IN 46361

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Civil Rights is an enforceable right or privilege, which if interfered with by another gives rise to an action for injuury

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Discrimation occurs if an individual's civil right's are denied or interfered with because of the individuals's membership in a particular group or class

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Civil rights encompasses basic human rights.

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in criminal justice

in sexual orientation

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We fight for your rights

How Legal Redress Works

Once reviewed for completeness, the NAACP LaPorte County Branch Legal Redress Team reviews received Complaint Forms  and Waiver to determine the dynamics of the complaint and potential course of action for applicant and ultimately, resolution of the issue.

The NAACP LaPorte County Legal Redress Team will then contact the complainant to do one of the following:

    * Request additional or collaborating information,

    * Schedule an appointment with the complainant having sufficient evidence of a

       wrong doing or actionable offense,

    * Explain to complainant the case does NOT have merit for action.

During the Interview

The NAACP LaPorte County Branch Legal Redress Team and the complainant will applicable waiver and authorization forms.

Determine the best course of action to obtain a resolution of the complaint.

Pursuing recommended course of action

Develop and maintain detailed documentation for each case.

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Legal Redress

Where else can I get a Complaint form?

 The Complaint form may be Faxed or mailed, upon request.  Please contact us at (219) 336-3171 to request.

Why do I have to fill out a Complaint Form? 

1. The Complaint form provides our Legal Redress Team with thorough information about a complaint, the circumstances and the parties involved.  This helps our Legal Redress Team assess the situation and determine what action(s), if any need to be taken.

2. The Complaint form also serves to provide the complainant with a type of “Statement of Understanding” regarding what the Legal Redress Team can do as well as CAN NOT do.

Does the NAACP have any Lawyers?  What is the background of your Legal Redress Team ?

1.  Although we are freedom Fighters  the NAACP LaPorte County Branch is not a law firm.

When necessary we refer the complainant to legal council/resources.

2. The NAACP LaPorte County Branch Legal Redress Team is comprised of individuals with experience and/or training in areas such as Conflict Resolution, Human Resources, Labor Relations, People Skills and Problem Solving Techniques.

Why can’t I just call in and provide a verbal complaint?

1. Federal and State Privacy and Confidentiality laws require that provisions be in place to protect individuals information as well as restrict who has access to it. 

2. The Complaint Form has been structured to solicit the “who, what, where, why and how”details regarding a complaint.  This helps to compile and structure relevant and often key compliant information.

3. The Complaint Form provides formal documentation and a record for a submitted complaint.  As such, it also serves to protect both the complainant and the branch Legal  and mitigate confusion that often results from verbal ONLY scenarios.