NAACP Statement On The Verdict of Derek Chauvin

April 21, 2021

George Floyd's death changed the world. He died under the knee of a police officer as the world watched. His death sparked controversy, conversation, marches, and murals across the world. His death also shined a light on the legacy of discrimination in America. That legacy is all too familiar to black Americans, and it persists to this day.

The guilty verdict rendered to Derek Chauvin on Tuesday, April 20th in Minneapolis gave us hope that justice can and will be served. But we know true justice is more than a single verdict. True justice recognizes that African-Americans live in constant fear beyond comprehension. Law enforcement and the criminal justice system generally treat black and brown communities differently. Our political, educational, social, economic, environmental, and health care systems also treat black and brown people differently.

The justice this Minneapolis jury rendered gives us a ray of hope. But we know this is not the end. This is only the beginning. The NAACP knows that evil never stops. Our mission presses on for equality of rights and the elimination of race-based discrimination. We must continue to fight for freedom and change by speaking up about issues of injustice. We must press on until we all see a society with equal rights for all, independent of race.

The NAACP LaPorte County Branch sends our hearts and prayers to the Floyd Family. We pray that God will comfort them and give them peace. We stand with them and we will continue to fight for justice for all.

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