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Since NIPSCO’s 2018 announcement to retire their remaining coal plants by 2028, the utility is undergoing a shift off of fossil fuels to renewable energy. As a result, the Northwest Indiana Region is on the verge of a much larger energy transition. However, there is no concrete plan in place to prepare for or address the impacts that will be inevitably felt by workers and communities.

Northwest Indiana needs a real plan to ensure a renewable energy transition that is just and equitable for workers and communities in the Region.


Impacted low-income communities and communities of color often live in less energy-efficient housing in dim light communities. Faced with little to no pay and higher energy bills, they lack access to creating a better quality of life.

To reduce these issues facing our communities. We have created the Soul Power Project to help to create more solar in Northwest Indiana using a three-prong approach

  • Training

    • Providing training to individuals in the Region to ensure a proactive approach towards a regenerative economy providing social and economic inclusion in a ready workforce for community members and impacted workers

  • Education

    • Providing education to Northwest Indiana about solar opportunities to help create a more resilient and sustainable community 

      • Individual

      • Corporation/ Organization

      • Community Owned

  • Installation

    • Providing installation of solar to low-income communities to more affordable, accessible, and energy-efficient housing and implementing community-owned solar, while building cultural resonance

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The Northwest Indiana NAACP branches in Michigan city and Gary is seeking to train solar installers in a 6-week training course. A solar installer or contractor puts solar systems in residential and commercial locations so that businesses and homes can convert to solar power. The solar installer must have up-to-date knowledge on safety concerns, installation practices, best techniques, and current equipment and products available. Successful completion of training will result in hiring opportunities in the solar industry. Jobs positions will include Sales, Design, Installation, and Project Management. 


This Job is

  •  A job for ages 18 and older

  • Open to returning citizens

  • Open to applicants who do not have a college degree


  • Free solar training

  • Great first step for a career-focused individual to embrace new mainstream energy possibilities 

  • Competitive pay and incentives opportunities 

  • Opportunity for Self-development and Career Progression

  • Trainees will be provided the basic tools (starter kit) and books for the class, access to a job fair for hiring opportunities, NABCEP solar certification prep class and exam, and 2 t-shirts

  • Laptops required for training and resume building. Limited laptops will be available upon request.

Solar Installer Training 





Duties and Responsibilities

  • Attend and complete a six-week training course with Elevate Energy 10 AM to 2 PM Monday through Friday

    • Online and in the classroom training will prep for NABCEP Certification, the gold star standard in the solar industry, and OSHA 10 Certification

  • Prepare résumé for employment

  • Return all tools and equipment to storage

  • Provide professional communication skills and demeanor throughout the training course

  • Additional duties may be required as needed

  • Understand layout assembly and installation of solar array and mounting hardware


Qualifications and Requirements 

  • Must have interest in the solar industry 

  • Must live in Michigan city or Gary, Indiana

  • Must be able to lift 50 pounds and able to climb a ladder to get on top of the roof

  • Must be able to pass standardized reading and writing tests at a ninth-grade level or better.

  • Must be available Monday through Friday from 10 AM to 2 PM for Course instructions, special topics, study, and job site tours

  • Must be willing to work with a career advisor 

  • A background in the construction of a plus but not required

  • Excellent Communication 

  • Excellent attendance is crucial for the trainee to chief success

  • Basic computer skills preferred

  • Ability to work in extreme environments 

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